Douglas Liepert, MD

ENT Surgeon & Sleep Specialist located in Goshen, IN & South Bend, IN

About Dr. Liepert

A board-certified surgeon in sleep medicine, Doug Liepert, MD, practices at the Center for Sleep and Nasal Sinus Disorders in Goshen and South Bend, Indiana, and is among under 200 surgical sleep specialists in the country. Throughout his career, Dr. Liepert has devoted himself to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders and nasal sinus disorders, earning notable distinctions in his field.

Dr. Liepert earned his medical degree at Canada’s Queen’s University and completed a residency in ear, nose, and throat surgery (ENT) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. Dr. Liepert later pursued interests in osseointegration and image-guided sinus surgery, ultimately finding his passion in sleep medicine.

Dr. Liepert has spent more than two decades mastering the specialty of sleep medicine. The field captured his attention in the late 1990s, leading him to seek specialized surgical sleep training at the Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, California. In 2007, Dr. Liepert became one of the first double board-certified ENT surgeons in sleep medicine when the American Board of Medical Specialties offered the first certification exam in sleep medicine that year. He continues to maintain a double certification, completing his most recent recertification in 2017. 

Throughout this time, Dr. Liepert has been involved in the research and development of minimally invasive nasal procedures as his interests in nasal breathing and chronic sinusitis blended with the goal to find solutions for patients struggling with classical CPAP therapy for sleep apnea. This has led to collaboration with dental sleep professionals and the foundation of comprehensive care for patients with sleep and nasal sinus disorders. 

When he’s not attending to his patients, Dr. Liepert enjoys cycling and participating in an annual Canadian goose hunt. He and his family love to visit their lake home in northern Minnesota to relax and unwind.