I had nasal surgery last week and I feel like I am getting a sinus infection.
It is normal to feel sinus pressure, fluctuating congestion and have discolored nasal drainage during the healing process. Swelling inside the nose will fluctuate during healing. It is important to use a Neil Med Sinus Rinse twice a day to help keep the nose clean and reduce crusting which can make swelling and congestion worse. You may use it more than twice daily if desired. Also, use a saline mist at least four times per day, and you may use it as often as desired. Restarting Flonase Sensimist is also helpful for the swelling and congestion.

How long do I have to sleep with my head elevated after surgery?
Sleep with your head elevated for a few days. You may lie down once it is comfortable to do so.

I accidently sneezed with my mouth closed. Could I have done some damage.
Sneezing through the mouth is more comfortable and reduces risk of bleeding. This typically would not affect healing.

I had nasal/sinus surgery several months/years ago. I have a sinus infection. What should I do?
Recurrent nasal problems or symptoms not adequately relieved with over-the-counter medications may be better evaluated in the medical office. Because we specialize in nasal sinus problems we are able to offer a more detailed evaluation including both medical and office based treatments.

I had nasal surgery last week. Can I have dental work done?
Speak with your dentist. Typically dental procedures do not interfere with nasal healing.

I had nasal surgery and one side (typically left) feels worse than the other.
The incision and suture knots are on the left side so patients often feel crusting and congestion more on the left side. However, this may be felt on either side. It is expected that airflow will be more balanced as the nose heals, which will be aided by diligent use of sinus rinse. It is important to avoid picking or cleaning the nose as you may inadvertently shift the healing nasal septum.

My front teeth and roof of my mouth are numb/hurt/feel swollen since my surgery last week. Should I be worried?
Numbness, pain or swelling may result from inflammation in the bone of the floor of the nose close to the teeth. This typically resolves in the first few weeks following surgery.

My child had his/her tonsils out and now is complaining of ear pain. Do they have an infection?
It is common to feel ear pain after tonsillectomy. This is referred pain from the throat. The more your child eats and drinks cold items the better they will feel, along with alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen.


CPAP therapy uses air pressure to hold your airway open as you sleep. Just like a new pair of glasses it can take some time to get used to this pressure. It does not work for all patients but your provider needs to document an adequate trial of CPAP to justify changes and alternative therapy. It might seem like minor adjustments can be made but even a very small change in pressure can have a big change in airway function. Therefore, it is typically not recommended to make these changes without sleep lab data or at least review of a usage download.

CPAP is a medical device. It is important to have a good relationship with the store you got your machine from as they are the team member who will help you get a good fitting and comfortable mask, help you understand how your machine works and how to take care of it, for maintaining your machine and replacing supplies. Only your provider should make adjustments to the pressures.

If you have questions about your CPAP machine, such as it quit working, call the store from which you got your machine. They can trouble shoot for you.

How do I get a download for my follow-up?
Go to the store from where you got your machine and ask them for a printed copy of your usage for the past month. This will give our provider important information that will help him understand how your CPAP is working. Do not have the report faxed to us.

My mask leaks. What do I do?
Mask leaks may be caused by the mask, the fit or your airway. Start by contacting the store from where you got your CPAP. If they cannot help you call our clinic for an appointment for a nasal and airway evaluation.

I am getting gas/bloating. How can this be helped?
Do your best to continue on the CPAP, if possible. You will need an appointment as our provider will want to examine your airway. Be sure to bring a copy of your download. Go to the store where you got your CPAP machine from and ask them for a printed copy of your usage report for the time you were able to use it.

I feel like the CPAP pressure is too high. Can it be changed?
If you are new to CPAP treatment it may take time to get used to the pressure. You want to work with your store where you got the CPAP from to work on a good mask fit. If you are still having problems at the initial follow-up appointment you and your provider together will consider options.
If you have been on CPAP for some time and this is a new problem our provider will want to see you to determine what may have changed.

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